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Project Nexus is virtual community software written in PHP with a mysql backend. It allows different users to sign on and post messages to the group. There can be several clusters which hold nexi (the actual points of discussion).


Apache server 1.3.xx with PHP4
(might work with other servers with PHP4, has not been tested)
Mysql 3.23.xx
nexus source

It has been tested on Slackware and Redhat Linux but should work on most systems.

First you'll need to download the source code from http://www.memespace.org/nexus/

Once you've got the latest package extract it to a directory.

tar xvzf nexusXXXXXX.tgz

You'll end up with a driectory named nexusXXXXXX, the last six digits are the month, day, and year the archive was made. Move all of the files in this directory to one that is accessable from the web.

For this step you'll need to log into the mysql server as root. mysql -u root -p

as root mysql user execute the following commands

GRANT ALL ON nexus.* TO nexus@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "nexus_password"";
GRANT ALL ON nexus.* TO nexus@hostname.org IDENTIFIED BY "nexus_password";

Changing the database name, username, password, and host to meet the requirements of your system.

Then change into the scripts directory in the nexus code tree. cd /wherever/you/put/nexus/scripts

and execute the following:
mysql -u nexus -p <base_tables.sql

After that change to the main nexus directory and edit the nexus_conf.php file to fit your system.

And nexus is now running.

--Phillip J Rhoades